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How To Choose The Proper Makeup Brushes

How To Choose The Proper Makeup Brushes

Women are constantly in search of the most useful tips, ideas and products to utilize in their daily beauty routine. While knowing which cosmetics are the best, it is equally important to understand which makeup brushes to use during application. The brush will determine the smoothness, flawlessness and overall look of the makeup after it is applied. In fact, a quality set can be composed of 5 to 7 pieces.woman beauty

* Powder Brush – The first essential piece for any brush collection is the powder brush. This is the most common and should be included in every woman’s makeup application regime. A medium sized brush, it is used to apply loose powder in a sweeping, dusting motion to the face.
* Blush Brush — This product is angled with long, ultra soft bristles. The softness allows a woman to properly apply blush without disrupting the foundation or powder and without irritating the skin. This large blush can create an even kiss of color, adding warmth and depth to the cheeks.
* Brow Brush/Comb Combo — This piece has a bristled brush on one side with a plastic comb on the other. The brush is used to smooth down and fix the direction of unruly brows while the comb is used to separate lashes or smooth out clumps from mascara.
* Eyeshadow Brush — Small in size, this brush has shorter, rounded bristles. It is used for shadow application and provides a smooth, polished look. It also creates more definition and increased intensity in color than using a fluffier brush.
* Lip Brush — The lips can be the focal point of a well put together face and portray various looks just by the hue used to color them. A tiny, stout lip brush can be used to apply gloss or lipstick in a more controlled and defined manner. This keeps color in place and gives a more natural, lined look.

These five pieces are essential for creating a complete kit to use at home. However, there are several other items that can be added if desired. These include options such as a fan brush which is a great universal option than can be used for blush and powder or a firm, narrow concealer brush with a tapered end which allows a woman to apply concealer in concentrated areas. Other additions may be an angled eye brush, brow brush or even an eye blending brush. Professional makeup brushes are normally a bit more expensive and include a more expansive selection but work well with all types of cosmetic formulas.

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