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The Necessary Makeup Brushes for Beginners

The Necessary Makeup Brushes for Beginners

Makeup is a very important part of any woman’s daily routine, and as such, each should have the right makeup brush set. Girls today are more into makeup than ever before, and many are interested in the art of applying makeup, what with how-to videos and celebrities admire. A beginner makeup brush set is ideal for the average user, whatever the age, which in no way implies it lacks in quality, but instead sets it apart from a professional set.

Set of professional make-up brushesThe craft of applying makeup is simplified when using superior tools, so a makeup brush set for beginners could still be considered a top set that will provide the desired, flawless look. The “right” applicators for one person may not necessarily satisfy another, however, as there are various shapes and sizes of brushes, as well as differences in materials used to make them.

One of the most important considerations to be made are regarding the hair material. Some are made of synthetic fibers, while more expensive ones are made with natural hairs of various of animals, such as squirrel, sable, goat, etc. Synthetic fiber brushes are generally less expensive and don’t fare as well in makeup application as do those with natural hair. However, synthetic fibers are ideal when applying liquid- or cream-based cosmetics, since they don’t easily soak in any excess products.

The size and shape of the brushes will play a very big role in how makeup is applied. The following are must haves in any beginner makeup brush set:

1. A foundation brush with long, flat-tipped, and fluffy bristles;
2. A concealer brush that’s oval-shaped, medium in size and not too firm;
3. A powder brush with soft, fluffy bristles that’s large in size for applying loose powder on the face;
4. A medium-sized, dome-shaped blush brush with soft bristles;
5. A firm eyeliner brush, either angled or pointed;
6. A fluffy, blunt eye shadow brush for color-building across the eyelid;
7. A soft, fluffy, dome-shaped blending brush for the blending of colors and the softening of any hard edges.
8. A lip brush, which comes in a variety of shapes with fine bristles.

With the best beginner makeup brush set, you can easily create different, attractive looks each time.

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