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Hot Pink Makeup Brushes Help Set Me Apart

Hot Pink Makeup Brushes Help Set Me Apart

hot pink professional makeup brush setWhile I was studying to become a hairstylist and makeup artist, my teacher explained the importance of setting yourself apart from others and gaining a competitive edge in the market. Since there is a salon on almost every corner, she explained, it is crucial to your success that you offer great customer service and do things to make you memorable and recognizable. So, as I completed my program and my graduation day drew near, I decided to really work on and polish my professional image. I know that as a beauty professional, the image I portray is crucial to attracting clients and building a successful career so every detail has to be just right.

Of course, one of the first things I did was design and print business cards to hand out. My teacher said our cards should reflect our style and market the services we most want to promote. My dream is to become a renowned makeup artist, so I chose business cards that feature hot pink makeup brushes and have my name and contact information in hot pink. When people see my cards, they will immediately know I am a makeup artist and they help set me apart with their bright, bold color.

To follow through with my theme and create a cohesive look, I also bought pink professional makeup brushes. They are high quality brushes that also have an eye catching flair, plus they reinforce the image I have on my business cards. Using hot pink makeup brushes adds a fun touch to my makeup services and helps distinguish me from other artists in the salon who use plain black makeup brushes. The fun, bright pop of color draws people’s attention to my makeup station and set up and I have even had clients not scheduled for makeup ask to add a makeup application to their service once they see my set up. Using pink professional makeup brushes is a small thing, but it is the small things that make a difference in the beauty services and service providers people choose.

As my career progresses and my clientele builds, I plan to have my name and email address stamped on hot pink makeup brushes that I can hand out in addition to my business cards. I know when people have one of my personalized pink professional makeup brushes in their hand, they will remember me and call on me anytime they need professional makeup services and I will enjoy a career that is lucrative and fun.

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