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The Art of Beautiful

The Art of Beautiful

If an artist’s masterpiece is only as good as his tools, why define your beauty with anything less than the finest professional makeup brush set? The artistic work and detail that goes into the craft of contouring, redefining, highlighting and illuminating one’s assets are as intricate as the details and perfection of Michelangelo’s “David”, so why would you expect your makeup artist to work with anything but the best?

pro makeup brush setA Pro makeup brush set, like everything else, has developed, evolved and taken on a style of its own. Gone are the days of all brushes being equal. They have taken their rightful place as statement pieces in makeup cases, bags and compartments of the equally stylish masses. Their shiny, matte, polyurethane, leopard spotted, cocoa colored imprinted handles dare to outpace the sea of nylon, taklon, squirrel, mink, squirrel, and pony haired bristles that we’ve come to adore. Any artist that is serious about his work, talent, and passion, ensures to invest in the creation of his excellence. His work and dedication speaks volumes on its own, but his tools are a reflection of who he aspires to be.

Selecting brushes that reflect you is easy, for that no-nonsense star child you can rock an elegant black and silver set that’s easy and carefree. For the wild child who needs the most out of life, a gorgeous set of giraffe print brushes are a must have; again the style part is easy, the harder part is figuring out which brushes belong in your artistic wardrobe and their value. Flawless beauty is an investment and labor of love, at least that’s what you should keep reminding yourself on this safari. It’s not a must that you overindulge in all areas. Rather, you should define your makeup style and what matters most to your when it comes to your” look.” If you’re into a more natural, seamless entrance, then your investment would be geared more toward your foundation brush and your blush brush. Those two ensure that your makeup glides on with ease, creating the balance needed to begin and finish your theme. If you’re more about the eyes, then your shadow and crease brushes are your winning tickets. Don’t be afraid to take a walk on the wild side and mix it up; a Smashbox Kabuki brush with a Mac Powder brush. All makeup is not created equal and neither are your brushes.

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