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What’s your Christmas gift look like? Can you imaging?

What’s your Christmas gift look like? Can you imaging?

Christmas is a time of love, laughter, friends, family and, let’s face it…gifts. In fact, the gifts are often the hardest part of Christmas, as anyone who has ever had trouble finding just the right thing for that special someone will know. With all the expensive tech, perfume, clothes, etc. on the market today, it can be insanely difficult to find the right present. So this year, why not try purple makeup brushes?

gift boxPicture it:
Christmas morning dawns clear and bright; the lights on the tree twinkle and there are wrapped packages just waiting to be torn open and oohed and ahhed over. Your special someone is sitting beside the tree, looking with expectant hope at the colorful bundles. There is one package under the tree that you just can’t wait to be opened, even though you are planning to make her wait for it. You know with this one you hit the jackpot.

After all the presents have been handed out, you hand the last package to your budding fashionista (or established beauty) and watch her face as she peels back the wrapping. The light in her eyes and the huge smile on her face as she uncovers the purple makeup brushes set you purchased for her is almost enough to eclipse the lights on the tree. You thought enough of her to buy something spectacular, something that makes a statement, and something that is endlessly useful. You know, looking at her face, that you have given a gift that she will remember every time she looks at her face in the mirror.

Memories are precious; more so than whatever gift you happen to have given or gotten. They are priceless glimpses into the soul of a relationship, and should be created and nourished with love and understanding. How much more understanding can you get than to buy a woman makeup or makeup accessories? We all know most men don’t know the first thing about stuff like that, so it is doubly impressive to be gifted something awesome in one of those categories. With sets made up of anything from four to a dozen or more brushes, made of either synthetic or all-natural fibers (or a combination of the two), and costing anywhere from twenty dollars to upwards of one hundred…there is certainly something for everyone. So this year, instead of jewelry or something that you’ve given to her a dozen times, try something new…something spectacular that will make a statement and take her breath away.

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