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Purple Makeup Brushes Complete Cosmetic Cases

Purple Makeup Brushes Complete Cosmetic Cases

purple makeup brushes setWhile the common makeup brush is usually made with black or brown bristles, other colored bristles are also available to spice things up a little and make your cosmetic bag more exciting. Purple makeup brushes are all the rage, as the vibrant color makes putting on makeup more fun. Just because these colorful brushes are more enticing, it doesn’t mean that their quality has been compromised. A complete purple makeup brushes set can be just as good as any top-quality set, make no mistake about it.

These brushes can be made with synthetic or natural hairs, or both, depending on the brand and the particular set. You’ll often find these well-made brushes in a convenient and protective case or bag, made easy for travel and storage. The cases may also have individualized compartments to hold each brush in place, ensuring longevity. Conveniently stored and protected, you’ll never lose your essential makeup tools again, and they’ll always stay clean.purple_makeup brushes set case

Handles are also made of quality materials, including smooth, sleek wood for comfort, and specifically designed to grip easy, to enable you to achieve a flawless application, regardless of stroke length. To minimize the loss of hairs, a good set will feature solid aluminum ferrules.

Caring for Your Makeup Brush Set

Brushes need to be properly cared for, if you want them to last. It’s always best to store them in a case that will minimize the risk of being damaged. Clean your purple makeup brushes occasionally by wetting them with warm water. Apply a tiny drop of soap in your palm and swirl the bristles around to achieve a full lather. Follow this with a thorough rinse, carefully squeezing the bristles from the end of the ferrules to the tips. Ensure they are completely free of soap, then reshape the bristles and lay down the brush onto a flat surface until dry.

You don’t need to be a professional makeup artist to own a makeup brush set. Any girl who wears makeup should own a good set to enable her to apply makeup just like a professional. A good basic set should include, at minimum, a face powder brush, a blush brush, an eyeshadow brush, a lipstick brush, and an eyelash comb brush, although a variety of eyeshadow brushes would be best to let you be more creative when enhancing your eyes. There are other brushes that are just as vital, as most would attest to, so an expanded set is recommended.

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  • July 15, 2015

    I just got this make up brushes. I got the coffee color. I am loving it. Big brushes are soft and I think it’s easy to use.. Excited to use them all…

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