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Applying foundation with sponge

Applying foundation with sponge

blender-rose-green-wet-dryThere has been a constant debate on whether to use a brush or a sponge in applying foundation and/or makeup. Applying foundation with a sponge has been accorded the biggest vote to a brush of course with many reasons to support the same. But as we look at both, it is good to look at them from all ends and be sure you are making the right decision especially to take care of your skin above all things. Many people still use the brush, but in this case we look at the advantages of using a sponge to a brush while applying foundation.

One, the brush does a good finish. The brush will apply the foundation very well but many times than not, it will leave it very un even and you will just want to touch it with a sponge for a better finish. Applying foundation with a sponge will give a very fine finish but with a brush you will have to make sure you get a sponge touch for the fineness. The best thing is just to use a sponge and leave the brush out of the picture. On the other hand, the sponge is good for cakey foundations.

Two, the sponge will get the foundation application done very first. Applying foundation with sponge is made easy because you do not have to keep going back and forth trying to make the skin evened. The brush on the other hand will need you to keep going back and forth over and over again and may take a lot of your time which is not very good especially if you are in a hurry. Do not be stuck getting your foundation done with a brush, just get a sponge and you will get it done faster and evenly.

Three, the sponge does not need to be cleaned after every application. Applying foundation with sponge is made easy and manageable because you do not have to clean the sponge after every application. With a brush, you have to almost always clean after use and this does not go very well with the long use of the brush. When you keep washing a brush it will streak and become very uncomfortable to use, unlike the sponge which you will only clean occasionally and even then it remains in good shape. Therefore if you are looking for the better option to use in foundation application, consider a sponge.

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