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How To Set Makeup That Lasts Through The Work Day

How To Set Makeup That Lasts Through The Work Day

Set Makeup
Maintaining a picture-perfect face can be challenging when you don’t set your makeup correctly, but a few makeup tips will help you endure those all-day schedules.

The duration of your makeup depends a lot on pre-preparation. Powders and liquids tend to disappear shortly after application, and this can partly be attributed to the brand you select, but even so, there’s still a lot you can do to set makeup for a full day.


To get your color to last longer, start by applying foundation to your lips, and then lightly apply translucent powder. To eliminate lipstick bleed, contour with a lip pencil. Next, apply your favorite lipstick, but apply with a brush so the product is evenly distributed and has a better seal. Finish the look with a second application of lipstick.


To stop the mid-day disappearing act, there’s a simple trick. You’ll want to use a cream and a powder in the same color. For example, before applying a green eye shadow, start with a green cream eyeshadow, and then finish with a powder in that same color. This not only provides staying power but it intensifies the look.¬† see other tips for eyes


You should always choose a foundation that matches your skin type. In many cases, if your skin doesn’t have many imperfections, simply use a tinted moisturizer. The easiest trick is to keep refrigerated. Not only does it provide a smoother look, but also this keeps bacteria away. Always finish with powder, and a light mist of water to set the foundation. a little foundation primer will help in the most important show case

Quick Tricks With Staying Power

If you’re in a rush, there are still foolproof methods that lasts longer. Here are 3 quick makeup tips that you can perform in under 5 minutes;

1. The lower the temperature of your face, the better your beauty products will adhere, so a simple trick is to wrap an ice cube in a washcloth and wipe the entire face. Blot the face dry and begin applying your makeup.

2. Prepare a simple homemade spray that kicks in after you put on makeup; pour three parts water to one part glycerin in a spray bottle and make a very fine mist. Mix well and keep in the refrigerator. Shake the bottle before application. A fine mist, after you finish your face will complete the process.

3. Mix a small amount of face moisturizer with oil-free foundation and place in refrigerator. Before you apply your makeup, apply a small amount of this chilled base to your face and allow to dry. The temperature will close your pores and the moisturizer and foundation will easily adhere to oil and powders, maintaining your makeup for a longer duration.

Just remember, if you’re looking for all day endurance, pre-preparation is the real trick.

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