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Tips for applying foundation

Tips for applying foundation

applying foundationFor every woman, face is everything and they are concerned how they appear when they are done. But applying makeup has proven a very challenging for many and we all are finding information on how to get it right. We may be doing make up and looking good with lots of compliments from all ends but are we doing it the right way? The skin is very sensitive and make up can cause skin reactions if not done the right way and that is why we need a foundation to protect the skin. In this article, we look at tips for applying foundation so you can be sure to get it right all the time and save your skin from the effects of makeup.
Step 1
Wash your hands. Many people have caused a lot of infections on their faces for touching the face with dirty hands. I have grown up with acne on my face which I have been trying to treat in vain until I decided to give up. Two years ago I met with a friend who recommended some products for the same. On this she made very clear though; she told me to keep my hands off my face and instructed me to call her every time I want to touch my face except when am cleaning it. That just shows how serious our hands can cause infections, after which now two years down the line my face is healed. The first of the tips for applying foundation is wash your face.
Step 2
Cleanse your face. The second of the tips for applying foundation is cleaning your face first after you make sure your hands are clean. The cleaning is a process because after you do the cleansing you need to tone and moisturize your face before you are ready for a foundation. The reason we are keen on toning is because we want to be sure we close the pores just to keep safe from free radicals.
Step 3
The third of the tips for applying foundation is apply the concealer. This will hide any spots and like lock your skin in to show a nice even tone.
Step 4
Apply the foundation. Then comes the foundation after the concealer which now prepares the skin for any other make up you may want to apply. Make sure you do it gently with a sponge or a brush and touch every part of the face leaving no traces of it.

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