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How to Tweeze Your Eyebrows to Perfection With These Makeup Tips

How to Tweeze Your Eyebrows to Perfection With These Makeup Tips

Use eyebrow brush toolWe’ve all seen it—the woman who is perfectly made up except for her eyebrows. When a woman doesn’t attend to her brows, the resulting look is unfinished, and in some unfortunate cases, sloppiness.  Don’t let this happen to you.  Plucking your eyebrows isn’t as difficult as you think—as long as you follow this important makeup tips step by step guide.

What Benefits Will I Get?

Tweezing your eyebrows will do more for your face than many other make up applications.  Aside from the fact that your face will look “finished,” well plucked eyebrows will also frame your face in the most flattering way.  In addition, when your brows are plucked and arched just so, it will automatically give you an eye lift.

Step One: Pay Attention to Your Natural Brow

Most people look best when they keep their eyebrows as close to the natural lines as they can.  Just ask anyone from the eighties who plucked their brows into tiny little lines, and they’ll likely tell you they regret it.  Take a good look at your brows and notice the thickness and shape of them, and then try not to veer too far off course.

Step Two: Determine the Inner Brow Line

Using something with a straight edge, like a pencil or pen, line it up vertically along the side of your nose.  The spot where the pencil or pen hits above your eye is where your brows should begin.

Step Three: Find the Outer Brow Line

Now, take that same pencil or pen and turn it slightly outwards along the side of your nostril. The spot where it lands on the outer corner of your eye is where your brows should end.

Step Four: Pluck the Excess Hairs

Now that you know what your brows should look like, you’ll likely notice some stray hairs outside of the area.  Pluck them with a set of tweezers one by one until all but the desired brow area is clean. Don’t pluck the hairs above your eyebrows, only on the sides and below them.

Step Five: Determine the Best Shape for Your Brows

In most cases, following the natural arch of the brow and just cleaning up around it with a pair of tweezers will get the best results.  Other make up tips include creating a very slight middle arch when the brow is straight (don’t overdo it), or creating a slight upward angle as your brow tapers off to the end. (About the outer third of the eye.) Be sure to pluck away all stray hairs after you’ve created your arch.

Step Six: Fill Them In

Now that you have the brows you want, you’ll likely need to add a little color to make them uniform and finished, especially if they are fair or thin or sparse. Use an eyebrow pencil or brow kit that matches your brow color perfectly and fill them with small strokes that mimic the appearance of hair.

Many people are intimidated by eyebrow shaping, but in actuality, it’s one of the most straightforward make up tips there are.  Simply follow the guidelines above, and you’ll have perfect eyebrows that frame your eyes and make the impact you desire.

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