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Use These Makeup Tips to WOW Them With Your Eyes

Use These Makeup Tips to WOW Them With Your Eyes

woman eye makeupAsk anyone what the most important aspect of a woman’s face is, and the answer you’ll likely hear is her eyes.  We often express ourselves with our eyes and if we’re feeling an emotion, our eyes typically give it away.  So, how can we best make use of this important feature?  With eye makeup tips of course!  Follow along as we talk about how to best apply makeup to your eyes.

Start With a Good Foundation

The skin on your face isn’t the only thing that needs a good foundational base—your eyes do, too.  By applying one, you’ll even out the skin tone and make for a nice base for your eye shadow. And not only will you better prepare the eye skin for eye shadow, but everything you apply will stay on longer. You can use your face foundation, or if your eye skin is showing signs of aging, use a primer foundation, then the regular foundation.  Follow up with a loose translucent powder.

Create Definition With Multiple Eye Shadow Colors

Here’s where most women get lost and need some make up tips.  To achieve the ultimate definition and polished look, you should plan on using 3 eye shadow colors: a light, medium and darker shade.  Now, use the light eye shadow to cover the area from your lash line to just below your brow.  Next, brush the medium shade in the crease, causing it to swoop out larger as it nears the end of the eye.  You’ll need a good eye shadow brush to do this properly, and be sure to blend it after you’ve applied it.  Finally, use the darkest shade to draw a line at your upper lash line.  This will give you a polished look.  If you want your eyes to look a little more defined and dramatic, you can use the darkest shadow just underneath your lower lashes, too.

Add Drama With Eye Liner

If you want eyes that stand out even more, it’s time to pull out the eye liner. Adding eye liner will make it appear as though your lashes are thicker.  You can go as thick as you please with the liner, but normal day wear typically includes a thin line drawn along the outer two-thirds of your upper lash.  Be sure that you keep the liner as close to the lash line as you can because if there are gaps between them, the look won’t have the same impact. Avoid “raccoon” eyes by not lining the lower lashes too.  An exception to this rule is if you have very large eyes.

Finish Off  the Look With Mascara

Now for the finishing touches.  Apply approximately two coats of mascara after you’ve curled your lashes.  Depending on your coloring, you’ll either use brown or black.  If you still feel like you need more mascara, try only adding more to the outer edges of your lashes.

There you have it.  These make up tips are meant to be used for everyday wear, but if you stay tuned, we’ll soon talk about smoky eyes, holiday makeup tips and more.

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